Introduce New Medical Patients to grow your practice and practice at the top of your license

illuma™ Care Connections for Optometrists

Keep pace with the changing health care landscape by participating in new care models

Create appointments

illuma’s Care Coordinators create appointments for patients with high-risk medical conditions ensuring the standards of care are maintained.

Diabetic patients

The standards of care and HEDIS/Star program state that diabetics need an annual dilated eye exam.  illuma Care Coordinators work with local plans to ensure their members get the care they need.

Support for a variety of payers

illuma works with payers of all types of insurance.  Traditional commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and Marketplace.

HIPAA compliant

The illuma Care Connections platform allows for a HIPAA compliant, and very easy exchange of patient’s clinical findings from their PCP, and to an Ophthalmologist (if necessary).

Stay on top

By building the medical side of your practice you are insulating your practice from the pressures of a commoditized optical business.  Allowing you to work at the top of your license.

Alternative payment models

By participating in local quality programs you are setting the stage to allow your practice to participate, or not, in new alternative payment models.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today.  Someone from our team can help you learn more about our quality programs, practice benefits and conduct a live demo of the platform for you and your staff.