Improve HEDIS Scores and STAR Quality Ratings

illumaâ„¢ Care Connections for Payers

Ensure your diabetes members are getting the care they need and their data distributed to other care givers and you

Get improving Hedis Scores and STAR Quality ratings by working with illuma.

Proactive appointment scheduling for high-risk patients

Get improving HEDIS Scores and STAR quality ratings with our proactive appointment scheduling.

Reduce costs

The Illuma Care Coordinators schedule patients with the right doctor at the right time, which improves the cost of care.

Gather data

During the patient interaction illuma’s care coordinators find care visits that were previously unknown, and then gather the data and distribute to the other care providers and the plan.

HIPAA compliant

The illuma platform allows for HIPAA compliant medical record sharing amongst providers and payers, which dramatically improves coordination of care.

Health reporting

The illuma platform captures and aggregates clinical data allowing population health reporting.

Risk adjustment

Ensure you are capturing chronic disease diagnosis for your ACA/Marketplace members to get the risk adjustment you deserve.

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