illuma Care Connections

Frequently Asked Questions — Imaging Center Providers

Who is illuma Care Connections?

illuma Care Connections works with health plans to drive quality patient care, and brings these Health Plan partners and the specialty networks together. Patients win, Health Plans win, and the specialty providers win. illuma Care Connections was originally conceived within the American Optometrist Association as a way to support Optometrists in their transition into medical practice as a response to health care reform.

What does it mean to ‘build the medical side of a practice’?

By working with Health Plan partners to conduct quality programs for patients with chronic diseases, illuma Care Connections helps coordinate care for these patients with imaging center network partners, bringing more medical patients to the these communities.

What does illuma Care Connections do for me?

As an independent provider, illuma Care Connections supports your technology needs to ensure compliance with quality programs, and works with health plans to schedule and see non-compliant patients who are in need of annual exams.

How will patients find out about my practice and get scheduled?

illuma Care Connections staffs a full time patient contact center that will be conducting patient outreach to patients that need annual exams. Once the patient is engaged, illuma Care Connections will schedule the patient with the practice that is most geographically convenient if they currently do not have a relationship with a provider.


How do you know if the patient has a relationship with another provider?

During the patient outreach process, our approved call experts ask the patient immediately if they currently have an imaging center and provider they would like to go to. If so, illuma Care Connections will schedule the patient with that provider. If not, illuma Care Connections will allow the patient to choose the location most convenient to them among the panel of credentialed providers.

What is the reimbursement?
You will receive the same reimbursement for services that you currently do today from the health plan. illuma Care Connections does not negotiate fee schedules.
What type of insurance does this quality program require for patients to be eligible?
illuma Care Connections works with multiple types of insured lives. The type of insurance will be transmitted during the scheduling process.
What is the financial burden on the patient for the recommended office visit?
It depends on the plan type. Because this is considered a preventative visit, for most Medicare patients there is not a co-pay.
What if the requested time slot is already taken on the doctor’s schedule?
Once the request comes to your practice from the call center, you can work with the patient directly to schedule an acceptable time. If you absolutely cannot accommodate the patient, the request email will include the call center’s contact information and you can reach out to them to reschedule the patient at another practice.
What extra work if any will my staff need to take on?
Since the staff is already working to schedule referred patients, this should not create any extra work. The practices only responsibility will be to return clinical findings to our call center via CCDA or web form. This is probably part of current referral process and may just be a new and simplified workflow. illuma Care Connections will take care of all the work for you once we get those findings.

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